Flores Fabulous Tour is an online local tour organizer in Labuan Bajo, western part of Flores East Nusa Tenggara, we provide  Flores road tour and Komodo island tour like, culture tour, hikking tour, Trekking see komodo dragons combining snorkeling and Fishing trip.

Here we help you to find out your trip plan and arrange your tour around Flores  and komodo, wich is offer best touristic destination, nature,cultures and wild lifes, Flores Fabulous Tour Specializing in customized itineraries for individuals, couples, and groups both large and small, we create the ultimate holiday for you in Flores and Komodo as one of the best travel destination in east part of indonesia. We lead trips to all corners of Flores and Komodo to explores fabulous of Flores and Komodo based adventure. we also offer hotel reservations, Boat charter, Car Rental, Family Tour packages, Adventure travel, cultural Tourism island of Flores, all presented in packs of travel packages, komodo tour packages and Flores Tour Package designed to meet your travel needs.


Flores Fabulous Tour is ready to assist you in every request of your tour on Flores and Komodo, all types of tour packages that we include on our website doesn’t include prices, you can negotiate directly with us via email or the Whatts Application.

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Diving Trip

Diving in Komodo

Komodo National Park is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations with marine and diverse tourism in the world, has an extraordinary beauty both the sea and the mainland islands around it, Traveling to the Komodo island and its surroundings is inseparable from tourism activities, such as trekking , snorkeling, seeing dragons in the wild and diving

Activities in the Komodo Island waters a combination of trekking to see dragons and diving are all summarized in one trip package during a trip with Soka Raja live aboard

Soka Raja Live aboard has professional instructors and dive guides who have experienced for years diving in Komodo waters.

Each diver will be guided by our instructor or dive guide according to the level of dive participants and their greeting experience, and can be explained by our dive guide about diving in Komodo waters

Diving in Komodo waters is one of the best scuba diving destinations you can find on the planet. Located in the strait with the same name at the meeting of the Indian Ocean and Banda Sea,

In the northern part of Komodo Island, you can find a collection of the most beautiful varieties of coral reefs in the world, with various types of coral reefs and very interesting colors. There are hard and soft coral species such as anthems, wrasses, angelfishes, and predators – coral sharks, tuna and giant kingfish. In the south, you will see more soft corals with many amazing colors, and even more macros (and manta rays too!). The water is rather cold and the temperature can drop to 23 ° C in July and August.

Komodo offers a variety of dives: pelagic diving with strong current sharks, soft drift dives, wall diving (colorful drop-offs, monumental rocks, underwater mountains, sandy peaks and slopes) and macro dives. You can also find manta rays, turtles and if you are lucky enough, the whale shark!

Best Diving Time in Komodo

Komodo Dive Package 4D 3N

Komodo Dive Package 5D 4N

Komodo Diving Schedule


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