Thank you for all visitors who ever visit my page and interest to join us on tour special in Flores and Komodo tour, in this page i  offers any of tour package for Flores overland and Komodo oversea to may help  arrange your tour .

The secret place are most wonderful  to visit in east of Indonesia, Flores island is well known in the  world with stretching smalls island around and beautifull panoramas, abundant flora and fauna with wonderful nature attracted, Here we offers any of tour package who loves adventure and cultures such as, Trekking to volcano, snorkeling and diving see  The raditional attraction fight dance, see  komodo varanus or in Local name called Ora  it is an dangered animals are living in arid land and open savannah, its only found in komodo, rinca and nusa kode island, learn the local cultures and daily life are quitly unique and deferent tribe  every part in flores regency, also you can see the most amzing mount  volcanoes three color lakes and visit uniqe traditional houses with purely heritage by the ancestors are now still mentained by the locals primitive  are being generated loves with the cultures, visit flores island make you remind about  the pass with primitive life and nature.  

Flores Fabulous Tour Specializing in customized itineraries for individuals, couples, and groups both large and small, we create the ultimate holiday for you in flores. We are based in labuan bajo west flores island, we lead trips to all corners of flores and komodo to Lombok by sea based adventure. Combining over 8 years of our experience in the explore with amazing place visit in flores and komodo , most of our guide knowledge able and being trained as a profesional guiding service, we provide the best possible experiences for our guests during explore with us and strive giving the best service along the tour activities
Enjoy your visit in flores and komodo