All our tours are private and tailored to your interests and schedule.

We understand there are many online options to choose from in Labuan Bajo. Still, our point of difference is, ” We strive not to overpromise and underdeliver” from our first communication with you. Nor on our service’s price and quality right up until we see you safely onto your next destination. 

Tourism on Flores Island operates differently from that found in other parts of Indonesia (The Bali Experience, for example) because the tourist industry is still developing here. We, like most, are a broker for any excursion within the Komodo National Park, which is the reality for most independent locally owned and operated businesses. We choose to be upfront with all potential clients, like if you were family. We feel it is essential that customers be well-informed on the realities and not “marketed” too about tours within the National Park or overland experiences if you are thinking about coming to Flores Island.

Most travellers coming here are looking for a different advantage and authenticity, which is Flores Fabulous Tour since 2016.

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