Best Diving Time in Komodo


As part of the dive plan, we need to know when the best time to dive in an area. Weather and sea conditions are very important factors to avoid unpleasant dives, and most importantly avoid dive accidents, It would be unpleasant if diving in high wind conditions, the sea is very choppy, the underwater currents are very strong, or underwater vision is blurred

The best time to dive in Komodo waters throughout the year

  • The best diving conditions last from March to October (March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October).
  • The best season to see lots of Manta rays is during the rainy season from December to February (December, January, February). Ask us about availability because not all go out to sea in the rainy season or when the weather is uncomfortable
  • Best visibility from November to January
  • From January to March the sea can be a little choppy but nothing bad


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