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Visiting Komodo National Park is a natural tourism activity that means sailing in Komodo National Park,\ which contains beautiful islands and is bordered by the blue waters of Komodo Island. To be able to cross it you can sail using the boat that you have set for your tour and to the island of Komodo. We offer some boat Options for you who want to do a holiday in Komodo Island from an economical price to an expensive price. With a selection of different types of boats will certainly affect the cost of your expenses during a vacation on the island of Komodo. Come to Know the boat type on Komodo Island.

The boats is a common thing to be used as sea transportation across the island. Likewise on the island of Komodo, to cross it you desperately need a boat to enter the Komodo National Park area. Diverse boat  Options such as Ac Boats, Fan Boats, Phinisi Boats, Open Deck boats to speed Boats are that you can use for Transportation on Komodo Island.

Boat Standart Ac Cabin 

Fan Boat is a boat  that has a length of about 15-23 meters with a width of 4-5 meters and a maximum capacity of about 8-10 people. The Komodo Island Fan boat offers a relatively cheap price with rooms available approximately 2-3 and 4-6 rooms inside. In accordance with the type of boats, this boat provides a fan in each room as a tool of your cooler during  sailing on the island of Komodo.

Semiphinisi boat                                               

Semiphinisi Boat Ac cabin room is a best-selling boats used for Sailing Komodo activities. Semiphinisi  Boats generally have a length of 18-25 Meters with an area of 4-6 meters. Semiphinisi Boats can be charged about 8-12 and 12 – 18 people for travel. This boat in each room is available air conditioning one of the most desirable boat to travel on the island of Komodo. AC Komodo boat can also accommodate up to thousands of liters of clean water that you can use for bathing and other purposes during the boat. Therefore the boat is highly recommended for 3 days 2 nights with the number of participants in accordance with the capacity of the boat.


Phinisi Boat

Phinisi Boat is a kind of luxury boat like a cruise ship for travel. The Phinisi boat of Komodo Island has many options with a length of about 30-40 meters making this boat very spacious for your trip. Phinisi generally has 3-5 rooms with a capacity of about 12 people. Phinisi boat is very convenient with various facilities like you stay in star hotels but is sail in the sea. Phinisi boats can accommodate tens of thousands of liters of clean water that you can use to bathe and so on. The Phinisi boat is highly recommended for a 4 day 3 night or 6 days 5 nights trip with a comfortable level of comfort. but to rent this type of boat is indeed very expensive but presenting the facilities very in accordance with the price you pay.

Open Deck Boat   


Open Deck is a boat that has a length of 15 meters with a width of 3 meters.Open deck is a boat that there is no room inside but still have room to rest openly. with a capacity of about 12 people in it. This boat is highly recommended for you who travel to Komodo Island with a full day sailing time in addition to the cheaper cost of this boat will make you enjoy the trip in the sea of Komodo Island.

Speet Boat

Speet Boat is a super-fast boat to visit the Komodo National Park and other exotic islands in one day with a length of 10m – 15m width 2.5m using a 600pk engine, a capacity of 10-15 Person, trip with this super fast speet boat is very comfortable and relaxed during cruising around Komodo National Pak, this speet boat is highly recommended to go around all the beautiful islands in the Komodo National Park, but to rent a fast supper boat is indeed a little expensive than the price of an open deck boat but presents facilities that are very in line with the price you pay.




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