Place to visit  in Labuan Bajo  


 PUNCAK WARINGIN  :  It is located in the centre of labuhan Bajo. And easy to get there by local transport or on foot to find and make you best picture moment of sunset in labuhan bajo flores . From This place is the best point to make pictures for all labuhan bajo until the harbour and also the spectacular panorama surround .


WARLOKA      : Warloka is an archeological site consisting of the stone posts/dolmens, menhir and ancient ceramics, just 30 km south part of labuhan bajo can be reached by boat while a motorbike is possible but quite challenging .


BIDADARI ISLAND  : It is a small island front of labuhan bajo  harbour just 20 minutes by charter boat . The island with white sandy beach , nice coral reef , crystal Clear and calm water . It nice to have a long day holiday here .


 SERAYA ISLAND  ;  A small island on the north of labuhan bajo , can reached there by boat  aprox one hour journey. Seraya island is also a very nice under water world and a lot of sea biota that you can see it here . It is a pleasant day that you can make the trip from labuhan bajo to other island or the hopping island tour as to Pulau Mesa , Pulau kanawa, pulau gili laba darat in komodo national park .


 BATU CERMIN CAVE : Natural cavein Wae Kesambi village 5 km from labuhan bajo .There are the few marine life fossils such as fish, coral reef and turtle . Many types and shapes of stalactites  and stalagmites could be found there and a few fantastic trees as well.  In the dark park of the cave , there is a big hall like aconverence room where you can see a few creatures such as black spiders,flyingfoxesand sometimes snakes. You need a flash light in your exploration in the cave.


CUNCARAMI WATER FALL : A Big water fall close to Labuan Bajo it takes 1,5 hours by car or motor bike, to get there you need a good walking shoes and stick to proteck you from the slippery and sharp stone, from the main road of wersawe it takes 30 minutes walk downward and pass the terrace rice filed, here you fell the an adventure trought the small rever and abit acent to reach the Cunca Rami water fall, there you take swimming and fell the moist and brizy air and coold.


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